Sunday, August 17, 2008

Puppy Owner Testimonial

Our girl Ssouri (formerly Aphrodite) from this litter has been a thrill to have in our pack over the past 3 weeks.

She is smart, confident, has great play drive for tugs & toy retrieve, but she also knows how to chill in her crate or go play with her toys by herself. And she has some attitude too.

We started puppy classes last week for more socialization opportunities & she goes to puppy day care on those days while I'm at work. She has integrated well into our crew of age-varied dogs.

When I found out this litter was available, I could not pass on the opportunity to have another from the Boquilla/Garrison line with so much Triton in the background. Our Ben (Spike's brother/Ssouri's uncle) has been the most awesome dog to work with & have in our family. I can already see the similarities coming out in Ssouri.

Whether it's nature or nurture, Adrienne has found a way to package really nice Shiloh outcross litters with both good health & super temperaments. I'm available to answer any questions.

Barbara & Bu's Crew of Bocage...
Ssouri & Dempsey & Ben & TruckDog (aka YotaDog)
(please ask breeder for Barbara's contact info)